WAN-IFRA Global Advisory

Helping News Media Prosper in a Digital World

Exec Coaching

Very few publishers have fully succeeded in the transformation to digital. 

But there are a few superstars. Schibsted have managed to become a tech company and a publisher. Axel Springer have made statement investments in the valley and radically changed their management profile in both age and gender. 

We spend our time trying to understand the real culture change at those companies. We interviewed more than 20 of the management team at Schibsted and wrote a full Report. 

We built a whole e-learning course, the Media Management Accelerator, to support culture change from the ground up. 

We maintain an elite digital revenue focused executive programme. Twice a year, members of our eRev exec programme meet in Europe or the U.S. to get inspiration from reader revenue front-runners, pool expertise, and workshop new strategies. 

We believe:

  • In most media companies, culture change is too slow
  • Publishing need a new set of skills to drive digital revenue
  • Revenue diversity is essential, not optional
  • Big ‘signature’ new product launches will fail - publishers need a pipeline of new products built in rapid, lean development cycles
  • In order to embrace the points above, the media companies need to break silos, embrace more creative management styles and rethink KPIs and HR processes